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Our Expertise

We aim to become a trusted partner of your business and will go the extra mile to help you achieving your boldest ambitions. Having a wide cross-industry expertise we will bring quality, innovation and agility to your enterprise.

  • Health Care

    We do understand HIPAA and PHIPA and how to build health care compliant solutions with emphasis on privacy, security combined with the need of value-based care

  • Financial Technologies

    We  are experts in financial systems architectures with experience in designing and developing payment systems across Canada, US, Latin America and Middle East

  • Real Estate & Mortgage

    Successfully delivered end-to-end mortgage solution for brokers with integration into banking system. Experienced with virtual tours technologies for real-estate market

  • Logistics & Hospitality

    We understand the fabric of international logistics and have deep knowledge of the inner world of the travel industry


While our team has a strong expertise in a large variety of technologies the company's core competences are in the next key areas:

  • Enterprise data privacy and security
  • System integration with 3rd party partners and vendors
  • Quality Assurance of the end products and data
  • Enterprise systems: CRM, ERP, Payment platforms
  • End-to-End SaaS solutions built with web and mobile technologies
  • User Experience and User Interface design

About Us

We are a young, agile and highly ambitious company formed by a group of seasoned professionals coming from diverse industries and backgrounds. Having experience in areas of Health Care, Finance, Real Estate, Mortgage, Logistics and Hospitality combined with over 20 years of delivering cutting edge end-to-end technology solutions to enterprise, small to medium business, as well as to consumers places us in a unique position of being able to help our customers creating leading products that go beyond a single technology and a single industry.

Customer satisfaction, communication, solution quality and speed to the market are at the core of who we are. While working with us rest assured we will help you connecting the dots, bridging the gaps and harvest the results of your success.

Headquartered in North America with IT research and development office in Eastern Europe we provide the direct engagement with our customers, deep understanding of the local markets and industries, combined with a strong engineering culture and affordable solution delivery cost.